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Pizza ContestPizza Contest
What ingredients do you like most to put on a pizza?, tomato, cheese, artichokes, olives, etc. in this game you have to invent a very original pizza order to win this contest!
Prepare DumplingsPrepare Dumplings
It is not easy but it sure will know what to cook very well!, in this game you have to prepare some delicious recipes for pies and all you have to be careful not to burn you, you dare?
Preparing Delicious PizzasPreparing Delicious Pizzas
Are you working in a famous Italian restaurant, all your customers love your pizzas, you have much work, you have to prepare all the orders, bake the pizzas and taking care not to burn!
Have fun CookingHave fun Cooking
See following steps you are indicating to prepare these delicious recipes for cooking, use the mouse for this game!, sure you'll have a great time!
Mexican FoodMexican Food
I like Mexican food?, is very rich in this game you have to help the grandmother of Maya and Miguel to prepare delicious recipes for Mexican food, tortillas, fajitas, grilled chicken, etc..
Prepare a Tasty BurgerPrepare a Tasty Burger
In this game you have to follow the instructions that we shall be indicated, do not forget any steps or else you will not be leaving the burgers, place the bread, lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. and to eat!
Prepares a CrepePrepares a Crepe
You have to prepare some delicious pancakes, toss them into the air to get more punctuation, fun and with some difficulty that will test your nerves!
Tropical Fruit SaladTropical Fruit Salad
You have to help the grandmother of Maya and Miguel to prepare a rich tropical fruit salad, you have to put all the necessary ingredients, pineapple, apple, orange, mango, kiwi, etc. sure you'll be fine.
Learning to CookLearning to Cook
As it gives you prepare food?, is fun, you can demonstrate your ability behind the stove, preparing food delicious recipes, this time have several mini-games to select the one you like!
Giant SandwinchGiant Sandwinch
In this game you must help Scooby Doo to prepare the sandwich most giant of all, put all the ingredients that you like to get a huge mountain, careful not to drop it down!
Prepare OrdersPrepare Orders
Rufus helps you organize all the commands that are coming, try keeping all your customers because it will go to the restaurant of the competition!
Enter BeansEnter Beans
Know how to use chopsticks? with this game you have to prove your ability and your pulse, you must get the same color beans and put in the dish in question, certainly not going to fall and we'll do fine!
Pastry FashionPastry Fashion
If you are the owner of this pastry, your customers love your cakes and all your candy, you have to work hard not to disappoint them, prepare all the orders fast!
Fun PlatesFun Plates
Prepares original dishes, take the food that you like and decorate so appetizing dishes to surprise all your guests, make sure you'll know very well!
Prepare a Delicious ChickenPrepare a Delicious Chicken
You cook? sure you've been practicing with some games about cooking, this time you have to prepare a delicious lemon chicken, but quiet, you can enlist the help of Maya and Miguel's grandmother, she will teach you the steps!
Anniversary CakeAnniversary Cake
You have many ingredients to choose which you like to decorate this original birthday cake shaped like a pig, decorate as you like to be very tasty!.
Pizza Launches AirPizza Launches Air
These work on most modern pizzeria across your city, your customers will always come to your restaurant because they prepare the pizzas but good, have fun throwing the ingredients into the air taking care not to fall and you will get more points!.
Let's Go ShoppingLet's Go Shopping
What fun!, now your turn to make the purchase, your mother has made ​​a list of products you have to shop, stroll through the supermarket and do not forget anything!
Responsible for GelatoResponsible for Gelato
Prepare some delicious ice cream, do you have an ice cream shop and now that summer is cool things like eating, you have many customers waiting to serve them, give each an ice cream you ask!
Decorate a Beautiful CakeDecorate a Beautiful Cake
You have a rich star-shaped cake and decorate you to be very tasty, use the mouse to play, put pieces of fruit, chocolate, cream, candy, etc.., surely you will be delicious!
Cook BurgersCook Burgers
Fashion have a burger in the city, many customers come to eat your rich burgers, you have to prepare them as you can before time runs out, it will get?
Decorate Ice CreamDecorate Ice Cream
That you like ice cream? I love my chocolate!, advantage in this game to prepare delicious ice creams with the best combinations of flavors available, decorate and eat!
Quick SoupQuick Soup
Are you working in a fast food restaurant, here only instant soup is prepared, you heat water to make your customers choose the soup that you like, it is very easy, you dare to play?
Food PortionsFood Portions
Very fun game that will make you think a little, try to distribute the food on each plate so that it is in similar proportions, try to see that you are given this game!
Chinese Bread BunsChinese Bread Buns
You are in a bakery where bread rolls prepared wealthy Chinese, you have to try to prepare all the buns as possible in the shortest time, you think you'll be able to do?
Quick BreakfastQuick Breakfast
Above all, do not be nervous, do you have 90 seconds to prepare a delicious breakfast, fried eggs, sausages, baicon, etc. choose what you like and get cooking!
Employee of the MonthEmployee of the Month
How many times have you gone to eat at McDonalds?, sure a lot!, this time going to work there, and you have to work hard and well to become the employee of the month, you dare?
A Truck DriverA Truck Driver
Are the driver of this ice cream truck, you have to distribute throughout the city, you see very carefully not to crash, fun game where you'll have a lot of fun!
Learning to CookLearning to Cook
If you enjoy cooking with these games so you can spend great, is fun to know and cocoons all food and delicious recipes to prepare, play with your friends and family and I looking for fun together!.
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